Storage Tips to Consider

Handy Storage on Apples Way, LLC is pleased to provide space for your self-storage needs. For your consideration, we offer the following storage hints:

1. Check the facility website for seasonal access hours.
2. Plan to store belongings with temperature fluctuations in mind. (Units are not climate controlled.)
3. Pack clean items in well-sealed containers, such as totes.
4. Arrange packed and sealed items off the floor and on clean pallets or shelves. Cover stored items with tarps.
5. Avoid storing food and fragrant items. No hazardous materials.
6. Avoid storing valuables, heirlooms, and rare items in the storage unit.
7. Protect mattresses, furniture, and rugs with coverings designed for storage. Carefully position such items in the storage unit to avoid creases and sagging and to retain shapes.
8. Wrap mirrors and pictures in padding and protective coverings. Mark such items as ‘fragile’ and store carefully. 
9. Wrap dishes, glasses, and other breakables in padding and sturdy containers, marked ‘fragile’.
10. Periodically check your unit; sweep and clean it as needed. 
11. Use safe products if using pest deterrents. (The Montana Department of Agriculture can provide product information.)
12. Check with your insurance agent to ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage for your stored belongings. (Renters are responsible to carry their own insurance for stored items.)
13. Secure your storage unit with a quality lock. (Consider consulting a local professional to find the best lock for outdoor storage.)
14. Refer to your Handy Storage on Apples Way, LLC storage agreement for additional requirements and information.

*Note: these storage tips are offered as suggestions. It is each renter’s responsibility to safely store, insure, and protect belongings. Handy Storage on Apples Way, LLC assumes no liability.

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We appreciate your business!

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